Rishi Bankim Chandra Hall

Abnegations, Altruistic, Exuberant are few among those which makes a human into Keora. The transcendent memories are what you make at RBC Hall, Which is better described in Hindi syllable -- GHAR.

Accoglienza Alfresco Alvida


Accoglienza, RBC HAL

The bond that links true family is not that of blood but of love and respect to each other's. Accoglienza is an event where the newest member of the KEORA family are welcomed.


Alfresco19, RBC_Hall

The Annual Reunion Cum Hall Day of Rishi Bankim Chandra Hall. Be here @KEORA Ground on 13th April to witness the melodious voice of the Bollywood Sufi king Krishna Beuraa along with Drama & The Fusion Revived (TFR).


Alvida, RBC hall

Alvida as seen to be good bye in hindi, but is not the good bye for the final year KEORA's as the relationship which had grown here lasts for every.